Use MovieManager Pro To Manage Your Home Theater Movie Files.

MovieManager Pro is possibly the best Movie Collection Organizer available today.

  • MovieManager Pro scans your drives to load your movies.
  • It identifies your movies and gets movie information from the web.
  • It plays your movies using the media players you choose.
  • MovieManager Pro has a powerful, sophisticated user interface and is very easy to learn.
  • It has hi-res movie poster and actor picture screens.
  • MovieManager Pro, available since 2007, is powerful, reliable and easy to use Movie Database Software.
  • Try MovieManager Pro for free with no restrictions.
MovieManager Movies Perspective


MovieManager Actors Perspective


MovieManager Movie Images

FindMySoft Editor's review and Demonstration Video

"MovieManager Pro is a movie management application. As the number of movies and videos that you have keeps increasing, you will have trouble locating all those files in your computer and in most cases such operations will be extremely time-consuming."

"Not only will you need a lot of time, but nobody really likes to waste time on such a bothersome operations and your video files could be basically everywhere on your computer. This is why you will learn to appreciate MovieManager Pro."

"MovieManager Pro is a really great piece of software that will enable you to create any sort of archive that you might need without any trouble and to sort out your files in record time. You will no longer have to spend time looking for your files manually as this program will do all that for you."

MovieManager Pro Features:

Built with the super solid, Eclipse Rich Client Platform

  • Designed specifically for Home Theater use.
  • Store movie information on your PC including Box Sets, Actors, Cast Members, Actor Filmography, Movie Posters, Actor's Pictures and more.
  • Scan your hard drives for any type of movie file or DVD folder and let MovieManager load the database intelligently.
  • Create lists of movie posters or actor pictures based on genre, actor, movie and many other criteria.
  • One click access to your movie or actor on IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, to download pictures, actors, episodes, directors, writers and other information.
  • Generate versatile HTML pages containing your movie information including links to play your movies and to look them up on IMDb.
  • Create multiple movie databases and run multiple copies of MovieManager.
  • Powerful navigation and filtering. Jump from Movies, to casts, to actors, and to Filmographies.
  • Fully configurable with many options and user preferences.
  • All data stored in the powerful Derby 10 relational database.
  • Efficient Java based code will not interfere with your PC's operating system.
  • Certified spyware and adware free.
  • Free updates!
MovieManager Pro screen shots

MovieManager Pro 3.3 is now available with many outstanding features including:

  • Large images. High resolution Movie Posters and Actor's Pictures.
  • Fully customizable color scheme.
  • Movie Poster's View. Filter by Genre, Actor's Filmography.
  • Actors Picture's View. Filter by Movie to show Cast.
  • Single-click Interface. The most powerful and easy-to-use interface.
  • Hot-key support. Support for programmable remote-control interfaces.
  • Fully customizable Movie Perspective columns.
  • Multiple movie databases. Very flexible and very powerful.
  • Concurrent running copies of MovieManager.
  • Box Set Perspective with Box Set View, Editor and Contents View.
  • Support for Split Movies and multi-play capability.
  • Versitile movie player options with support for system defined media players.
  • High hit rate and accuracy with IMDb lookups.
  • Full TV Series support with Seasons, Episodes and disk numbers.
  • Automatic Series detection and Episode generation.
  • User defined images and image swapping.
  • Improved disk scanning and database loading.
  • HTML list grouping and sorting options.
  • Drag and drop support for creating Movies.