MovieManager Pro • Getting Started

Step One • Loading Your Movies Into MovieManager

"It's as easy as 1, 2, 3."

MovieManager comes with a sample database to get you started and you will also want to store your own movies. This process has been automated making it quick and simple to load your movies into MovieManager.

The MovieManager database can be loaded five different ways:

  • Enter the movie title in Movie Editor and download information from IMDb.
  • Drag and drop the movie's URL (Internet Address) onto MovieManager to populate the movie information.
  • Scan your drives for movie titles using the Load Database function and then do an IMDb Lookup.
  • Enter and save the movie information manually in the Movie Editor.
  • Load the sample data.

If you already have backups of movies on you hard disk(s), you can start by going to "Load Database" and selecting the root folders where the movies are located. After the movie titles have been loaded, you go to IMDb Lookup to get information from the web. It's that simple!

Load Movies

Load MovieManager Database

Step Two • Looking Up Movie Information on the Web

Lookup Movies one at a time, in a selected group or do a full database lookup.

  • IMDb Lookup will automatically download information for all your movies from the IMDb web site.
  • When MovieManager looks up a TV Series, the user will be asked if all episodes should be downloaded as well.
  • IMDb Lookup will automatically update the entire database or only new Movies with a high hit rate on the IMDb Internet Movie Database.
  • The Actor Lookup will lookup all or selected Actors on IMDb.
  • Either the Actor's pictures can be stored on the database or just the picture's URL, in which case, the Actor's picture will be looked up in real-time when the Actor's record is displayed.
  • Groups of movies can be selected from the Movies Perspective.

IMDb Lookup

Load MovieManager Database

Step Three • Generate a Movie List

The Movie List is what the family uses when watching TV. It's icon appears on all user's desktops.

  • MovieManager allows you to generate a static HTML page and store it on disk.
  • This Movie List can be used for playing movies and for looking up movie information on IMDb.
  • Having a separate HTML page provides a simple way for others to play movies on the computer.
  • The generated HTML page will contain the movie title as well as any other fields that you have selected including the picture.
  • The Movie List can be sorted on the field you choose.
  • A link is provided to on the HTML page to play a movie in the default movie player.
  • A link is provided to lookup the movie on IMDb adding a whole new dimension to your Home Theater.
  • Selecting a Genre To List will include only those movies that have the selected Genre.
  • The "Include Episodes in List" option will do just that.
  • The "Include When Location Is Missing" option will add Movies to the list even when they don't have a physical location on your computer.

Generate Movie List

Generate HTML Movie List